DIESEL-RK  is an engine simulation tool

  • Thermodynamic analysis of Diesels and SI gas and petrol engines; two- and four-stroke engines.
  • Simulation and optimization of Mixture Formation and Combustion in diesels.
    - Fuel Injection optimization (sprayer design and location, injection pressure, injection timing, rate shaping, split / multiple injection strategy, PCCI, etc.).
    - Common Rail control algorithm development.
    - Effect of Combustion Chamber Geometry modification.
    - Analysis of Bio-fueled diesels.
  • Fuel Sprays Evolution visualization.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NO), Soot and Particles formation simulation.
  • Simulation of effects of Turbocharging, Intake and Exhaust Port flow, Bypasses, and EGR. 
  • Valve and Port Timing optimization.
  • Multiparametric optimization of engines parameters, including Pareto optimization.
  • DIESEL-RK solver may be run under the control of other packages: Simulink, IOSO NM, etc.
  • Very easy in use. Remote access. Download last release: (18.06.2007)

What is a Diesel-RK.pdf  - General short description of the software (330 KB, 4 pages).

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Bauman Moscow State Technical
University (BMSTU).

Old web site of DIESEL-2/4t software.

DIESEL-RK is a new generation of engine simulation software DIESEL intended for ICE analysis. Diesel-RK code allows simulation and optimization of mixture formation and combustion in diesel and biodiesel engines. Visualization of fuel sprays evolution helps to design piston bowl shape and sprayer nozzles orientations. NO emission model uses Zeldovich's mechanism and detailed kinetic mechanism with zone model of combustion. Soot emission model is realized. Modeling of combustion with multiple fuel injection with electronically controlled fuel injection system allows development a Common Rail control algorithm; PCCI analysis. Thermodynamic model provides turbocharger and supercharger matching using SAE format files with turbine and compressor maps, EGR and bypasses simulation. Thermodynamic analysis and multiparametric optimization of valve timing, in-cylinder parameters, fuel injection system are provided. Remote access via internet is supported. Download software...

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